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This page outlines the principles and methodology that guide the hiring process of teams that I lead. In short, I strive to treat candidates as I myself would hope to be treated.

Guidelines / Principles

  • Hiring cycles will be structured and as short as possible.
  • When we start a hiring cycle, we will finish it by hiring the most qualified applicant who accepts our offer.
  • Every applicant will receive a response within 48 hours and be updated on the status of their application at each step asap.
  • The hiring process will be as transparent as possible.
  • Objective and fair-minded measures will displace biased and bigoted ones.
  • Every applicant will appreciate their experience, even the rejected ones.
  • The process will be agile and adapt over time to improve and meet the specific needs of the organization.
  • Onboarding will begin with hiring.


  • A thoughtful and literate job posting, purged of gratuitous jargon, will accurately describe the job and foreshadow the company culture.
  • Simple challenges and honeypots will filter serious candidates from the applicant bots.
  • At the end of every step, we will inform the applicant what comes next. Courteous templated responses will be promptly delivered.
  • Two interviews. No more than three. The coding challenge will represent a genuine work sample. It will be no more than one or two hours.
  • Candidates will be evaluated using a simple quantitative assessment of core competencies (see Ch. 21 of Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow).
  • Final decision will be a collective decision of the hiring team.
  • After hiring cycle is complete, hiring team will hold a retrospective.
  • We will acknowledge mistakes and work to correct them quickly and humanely.