Event:20200624 OCC NEXT Virtual Tour

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This page complements the virtual tour of my development environment I led on 24 June 2020 over Zoom for students of the Orange Coast College NEXT Academy hosted by Vital Link of Orange County.

With the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, I have been working remotely since the middle of March. Given the circumstances and the nature of the work I do as a software engineer, I figured it would be more interesting and useful to present my online workspace.

Workspace / Tools

  • Trello (Kanban Board)
  • G Suite (Email, Meetings, Documents)
  • Github (Code Repository)
  • Console / Command Line / REPL
  • Atom (IDE / Code Editor)
  • Slack (Messaging)

Career Pro Tips

Galaxy Brain

  • URLs are powerful. URLs are magic. Don't answer questions with a wall of text. Answer them with a URL.
  • Find your Meez.
  • Get enough sleep.