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Epistemology is "the branch of philosophy concerned with knowledge". I'm interested more practically in how to effectively make sense of things and share information socially or within organizations. I think wikis are especially useful. Why? Because they make information transparent, accessible, and allow it to be easily updated and shared.

Features of a Good Knowledge Base

  • It's the Source of Truth. Social consensus and commitment regarding its purpose and location:
    • "We will all start at the URL to learn what we need to know."
    • "We will invest in keeping information accurate and concise."
  • Pages have short friendly unique URL. You can easily share them. For example, this page's URL:
  • Content is easy to add and modify. It is also easy to link pages together.
  • Functional syntax that makes it easy to adopt and create basic components: sections, links, lists, bold/italics
    • It can have a WYSIWYG toolbar, but that should not be the primary mode of formatting/editing.

Examples of a Bad Knowledge Base

  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Anything on Facebook
  • Twitter Threads