Agile Scrum

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What is Agile Scrum? For me, it's how to do software development right. Which doesn't mean you can't do it wrong. But if done right, it's your best chance of doing it right. And even then it probably doesn't work sometimes.

Here's a selection of Hacker News comments that quickly distills for me the wisdom of the ages when it comes to project management and software development:

What makes scrum special? Three awesome core ideas:

See this thread for what you want to avoid:

I like this comment in particular. Avoid deadlines:

My advice: Prefer queues and continuous delivery to deadlines and unrealistic expectations.

Want to see what you really need to avoid. Money extractors:

But that problem is probably outside your control.

Also, beware expertise. It's cheap and easy nowadays. Learn the Lesson of the Windows Shutdown Crapfest:

Study the data. Listen to your users. But the best way to discover the real requirements for your software? Build it and have them use it:

What are you aiming for? A high-performing organization where everyone enjoys working together. Here are some principles:

Finally, here's a cheat sheet on outsourcing for when that conversation comes up: