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* [http://txti.es/kahneman-outside-view Planning]
* [http://txti.es/kahneman-outside-view Planning]
* [[Agile Scrum]]
* [[Agile Scrum]]
* Best Practices
* [[Management|Best Practices]]
=== Software Development ===
=== Software Development ===

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This wiki serves as my professional and public knowledge base. It's where I go to save information that I think will be useful in the future, for myself or others. I like to start with a few simple rules:

  • To retrieve information, I should know where to start: a Schelling point. For me, it's wiki.klenwell.com, this page.
  • It shouldn't take me more than three clicks to get from my starting point to the information I'm looking for.
  • Links/URLs will tie everything together. They are the edges in my knowledge graph. Keep the graph shallow.

To minimize spam and maintenance costs, public edit access is restricted.

Professional Interests


Software Development


  • Ansible

Personal Interests and Preoccupations



A few recent interesting or noteworthy things I've seen or done:

Past timeline events